Established since 1993 , MES has provided exclusive education in the field of pharmacy .

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Mes college of pharmacy is one of the Top best B.Pharm Colleges in Bangalore, Karnataka India with excellent faculty and laboratory facilities. B.Pharmacy is an undergraduate course in which students learn art and science of preparing and dispensing drugs and medicines B Pharm course focuses on the study of biology, pharmaceutical chemistry, biochemistry, medicines, physiology, pharmacology, dispensing etc. B Pharm course is an industry oriented where students learn about drug formulation, study various drug sources, their molecular structure, methods to synthesize/ manufacture drugs, pharmacological actions of the drugs. The course includes the study of pharmaceutics, pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacognosy. During the course, students get an in depth knowledge of formulation, storage and analysis of various pharmaceutical dosage forms and makes them ready to take on various roles in the pharmaceutical industry. Students gain the knowledge of medicines and biology. The pharmacy graduates are required in manufacturing, research and development, analytical, retailing departments and drug law enforcement directorates in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries

Duration: 4 Years


The curriculum provides valuable knowledge of healthcare and biochemical science. The course is the study of preparing and conferring drugs and medicines for a number of illnesses and deficiencies. Students study about Pharmacy and its applications in drug formulation, delivery and dispensing through various Theory and Practical subjects. They study about clinical and physiological aspects and their applications in studying correlation of drugs and human body through Theory and Practical subjects. They gain Knowledge of chemistry of drug molecules, their preparation, synthesis, characteristics, analysis and application in pharmacy. Thus we are the Top best B.Pharm College in Bangalore Karnataka region.